Tuesday = News Day: Episode 1 – When normal becomes extraordinary [Story of the broken cheeseburger]

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Good News, Life to the full, News Day
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On Tuesdays i want to take a look at some topic making local or international news and give my commentary or share my thoughts or reaction to it and hopefully get some dialogue going with my readers. I am not hugely into politics so this may not be the most in-depth political commentary the world has ever seen and is more likely to look at something with a different take or spin. Let’s see how it goes:

Ooh, this is it. Found this gem on Yahoo News…

Arianna Hill and the fixed cheeseburger!

Nothing like a feel good story. Except it really shouldn’t be a feel-good story. It should just be business as usual. A customer had an issue with their meal and the staff at the restaurant sorted it out and satisfied the customer. That’s normal, right?

But the key player in the story, Arianna Hill, is a seven-year old girl with autism and so that changes it up a little. And I guess what makes the normal seem extraordinary is because the expectation is that this won’t be treated as normal. Because different often gets stared at or mocked or pushed to the side… and so what should have been a normal response to a request, does become a special thing because the treatment given was kind and respectful.

220, 000 likes and 10, 000 comments later, this story is obviously something that has attracted the world’s attention… and I think that is because we are hungry for good news. We are wanting the underdog to succeed. We are sick and tired of all the bad news and brokenness and violence and chaos that fills our daily news bulletins, newspapers and news sites. We want to see good happen. [which you can witness by clicking here if you missed the link before]

I think for the most part I might use this day to try and find a source of good news and share that, unless something else strikes me strongly, because we all have our fair share of good news…

And I would love it if in the comments section you share some of the good news stories that have come across your screen this last week – what has given you cause to celebrate and nod your head and cheer quietly [or loudly] to yourself? Let’s be sharing those stories.

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