Thursday = Thirsty: Episode 1 – Why it’s called Good Friday.

Posted: March 28, 2013 in Good News, Love, Thirsty
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Thursday = Thirsty – this will be an aspect of spiritual enrichment or challenge – whether it is postings of a Psalmthing blog i am currently scribing or a Gospel of Mark video clip i have been making or else just an aspect of following Jesus in terms of loving God, loving people and being personally involved in some aspect of actively loving the ‘least of these’ I will be looking to encourage or challenge people in their relationship with God and the world.

For this starting one I have chosen one of the most simple yet profound cartoons I think I have ever read:

Good Friday

i think that is a great summing up of the gospel. and certainly enough to meditate on as you head towards Friday and Sunday…

this week i am wanting to be purposeful in slowing down a little and focusing on the last week of Jesus’ life. i started reading the last few chapters of John in the laundry today. and i think tbV and i are going to read some of the last week leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection together. may you be encouraged to do the same in the midst of eggs and meals and services and feasting…

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  1. One of my favorite BC’s… Thanks, Brett

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