Monday = Funday: Episode 2 – Why it’s called a trust FALL.

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Funday
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Every week I want to try start Monday off with something to make someone smile. I know it would be a case of purest optimism to try and find something that makes everyone laugh, but if I can help someone’s Monday begin [or middle or end now that we’re working across multiple time zones] with some humour then all the better… Either something that has made me laugh or smile [I rarely shoot milk through my nose] in the last week or else something from my archives of humour…

I was never a huge fan of April 1st because of the deception aspect – I don’t think it’s particularly clever or funny when you ‘catch someone out’ because you blatantly lied to them and I know that a lot, quite probably the majority, of my friends think differently to me on this issue…

But that’s why I really enjoyed this clip when I first saw it last week. Because there is no deception involved whatsoever. Just a simple misunderstanding or perhaps some non-clarification of expectation. I give you the trust fall. Containing much trust. And some fall:


[for next Monday’s which is one of my favourite pictures of Cloud man, click here]

[for last Monday’s Gary Larsen ‘The Far Side’ great, click here]

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