Saturday Round Up: The week that was: Episode 1: spiders, cheeseburgers, fat friends and Easter.

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Friendship, Good News, Humourish, Life to the full, Relationships, Saturday Summary, Thirsty
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On Saturdays I will be putting together a quick link summary of the week that was for anyone who might have missed a post or want to catch up from the week:

Monday saw my favourite Gary Larsen ‘The Far Side’ comic involving a spider and a big fright.

Tuesday looked at the good news story of a relationship between an autistic girl and a broken cheeseburger and how the day was saved.

Wednesday we looked at the importance of fat friends, not in terms of body mass, but thick skin who invite accountability and correction.

Thursday was a cartoon strip that simply yet profoundly put the whole of the name ‘Good Friday’ into context.

Friday saw me share a ‘Coffee with Jesus’ cartoon and speak about some of my thoughts with regards to Easter.

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