Wednesday = Wed day: Episode 4 – Your relationship with you.

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Life to the full, Relationships, The World we live in, Wed Day
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I have noticed this strange thing in my life [well, maybe not so strange].

Who is it you see?

At times when I am feeling really good about myself, when I am in a good place with God and with people and I am involved in people-transforming stuff and exercising well and all of that, when I look at myself in the mirror, I really like what I see. And then it is usually when I am caught up in some time-wasting habit or am in a not-so-great place in my relationship with tbV [the beautiful Val] or one of my friends, or have just been grumpy for a while or whatever it is, that I look at myself in the mirror and feel fat or ugly or just not all that confident about what I see. It seems to be a case of what I see [or take away from] when I look at the mirror really seems to largely reflect what is going on with me internally.

For the most part I am able to look in the mirror and pronounce “I love you” over myself which I don’t think is a bad thing. It is done largely through the understanding of how I am viewed by God. As one who is loved and worth sending His Son Jesus to die for. And so this acceptance and appreciation of having been adopted into the family of this King. Which makes me a King’s kid. That is a pretty schweet deal.

Cracked Reflection

So what I am suggesting, in part at least, is that what we see on the outside can in part echo what is going on in the inside, for us at least. [When it comes to other people we seem to have become way too adept at creating a series of masks and personas to ‘protect’ them from ever seeing the ‘real me’. Because what if they didn’t like what they saw?] For me, it actually works as a warning light, because when I am looking in the mirror and I am not feeling super amped with who I see looking back then often I know something is off. Which causes me to do a stock take of my life and try and sort it out.

Yesterday I watched this and it really brought me close to tears. And then reading the comments section almost did the same because of a lot of missingthepointness that was going on there.

Take a watch of this moving video brought to you by Dove

Great points raised about it not being all about outwards beauty and how that shouldn’t be your end point and I agree with all of those. But what I got from this clip is that we often judge ourselves more harshly than we should, and often fail to see the beauty that exists within us. A lot of the people who gave comment were talking about things like spirit and presentation and so it was not completely about looks at all.

Real beauty lies in who we are, not how we look. But sometimes what it happening on the outside might provide a deeper reflection of what is going on deeply on the inside.

What was your take on this?

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