Monday = Funday: Episode 6: The Human Ventriloquist Doll and a Boy with Tape on his Face

Posted: April 29, 2013 in Funday, Humourish
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It’s a new Monday, which means my job is to find something fun or funny to help you start the new week with a smile on your face [or chocolate steri stumpi pouring out your nose]. How this process works is that i normally find something funny [eg. How Wild Animals eat their food] and store it for Monday because I think, ‘This will make people smile and/or laugh,’ and then the next five days on Facebook I see that same clip get shared by eleven thousand people, and so by Monday there are only two people who haven’t seen it ad one of them hates slapstick. But I will persevere…

This week’s comedienne that I found [or was reminded of] and put aside to share, was literally stuck on my timeline the very next day, and so I did what any normal person would do which was to shout at the person who tried to stick something funny on my wall. No, I really didn’t, although I think she may have thought I did. Obviously I am grateful that people are sticking genuinely funny things on my wall so keep on.

What I did do, however, was find a different clip to the one that was posted so it will seem at least a little bit original… and who knows, some of you may have missed Nina Conti [who in my opinion is the best ventriloquist around, especially since I’ve lost so much faith in ad respect for Jeff] doing one of the most original and clever ventriloquist acts I have ever seen:

Nina Conti

However, for those of you who might be bummed by the fact that you have already watched a similiar themed clip by Miss Conti, I found this gem, which I imagine most of you have not seen. [I am officially too scared to go and look at my Facebook wall now] So I hope you will enjoy: The Boy with Tape on His Face:

Boy with Tape on his face

And then if you enjoy that one, which is just a taster really, and can find the time to watch this one, it is pretty great:

Hope you enjoyed.

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