Tuesday = News Day: Episode 7 – Of burials, cicadas & the no no of pointing heavenwards.

Posted: May 7, 2013 in News Day, The World we live in
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Tuesday is News Day and these are three stories that jumped out at me this week, that you may or may not have taken notice of – would love to hear your thoughts on any one of them:

a human being

‘Funeral director Peter Stefan said he hasn’t been able to find a cemetery in Massachusetts willing to take the body.’ – The story of the uncle of slain Boston bomber suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, trying to find a place to bury his nephew. I don’t know that I can put this into words, but something about it just seems messed up. There is a line in there comparing his death to that of Bin Laden and wishing that his body would just be thrown off a boat. Burying the body of a dead person to me feels like it is a lot more about the people burying than the person being buried [they are after all, dead] and so this is really heaping stress on the boy’s uncle who has had to deal with being thrust into the media limelight for all the wrong reasons altogether. i wrote a blog post a while back called Hitler’s mom focusing on the idea that even the most evil people we know must have had parents or friends who maybe cared about them. Read the story here.

a whole lot of cicadas

Switching to a completely different end of the spectrum, we have this story which starts with the line, ‘Colossal numbers of cicadas, unhurriedly growing underground since 1996, are about to emerge along much of the U.S. East Coast to begin passionately singing and mating as their remarkable life cycle restarts.’ I remember some severe swarms of locusts we had in Stellenbosch at one point that were starting to get pretty unmanageable in town, but they used the word ‘billions’ to describe these bugs that have been growing underground since 1996 – am I the only one hearing Stephen King in this somewhere? Read here for more of that. “When there’s a lot of them together, it’s like this hovering noise. It sounds exactly like flying saucers from a 1950s movie,” Chris Simon, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Connecticut, said on Thursday.

Derrick Hayes

Next up we have the teen 4 x 100 relay squad that were banned from the State championships as a result of the teen pointing to the heavens in celebration of winning the race. What? Yes, that! Guns are allowed. Overtly sexual billboards fine. But don’t you dare point to the heavens making us have to entertain the idea of there being a God. As the article reported: ‘The anchor of that 4×100 squad was junior Derrick Hayes, who ran a particularly blazing split and celebrated the team’s state qualification with a simple finger point to the heavens… Once officials at the Columbus meet determined that Hayes had violated the excessive celebration rules, the entire 4×100-meter squad was disqualified and effectively barred from the state championships. The team will not get another chance to qualify for the meet.’ You can read about that here.

Nope, turns out it is pointing in general the officials are against, not specifically religious pointing. Phew?! Read today’s clarification of yesterday’s ‘false reporting.’

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