Monday = Funday: Episode 9 – Origin of the saying, “I could just eat you up!” [kinda]

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Funday, Humourish
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For this Monday, I thought some harmless fun pics would be in order hopefully enabling a smile to appear on your face, or at the very least a rolling of the eyebrows with an accompanying mutter of, “Oh, Brett” which, as my friend Ronel found out, time and time again, is not actually true. I’m not Irish at all. It’s just “Brett!’

Right, first up a picture of Kevin Bacon made out of real bacon. What’s not to like? Couldn’t you just eat it up? This might very well be where that proverb comes from:


Next up a very silly but fun cartoon, containing the word, ‘bum’ and answering that age old question of which came first:

what came first?

And finally, and high fives filled with cups of Wakaberry to my friend Sammi for sending this to me, two great legends collide… Tom Hanks as Forest Gump shares a deep soulful moment with Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow:


That is all – good to start the week on a silly note this week I feel. If you have any cartoons you feel are worthy to submit to a Monday post, please email them to me at and i’ll see what I can use.

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