Tuesday = News Day: Episode 11 – Stephen King, Patrick Stewart and an air steward walk into a bar…

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Good News, News Day
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A number of stories from the news caught my eye this week and so maybe there is one here that will catch yours as well.

First up there was an interesting article on Stephen King and his relationship with faith, God and intelligent design. 

That was quite an interesting one for me, especially cos a number of years ago I remember watching a video clip where he spoke about his writing and how sometimes he would sit at the keyboard and the spirit would take over and the writing process would begin or something to that effect. So not sure if it’s an interesting shift or a ‘both, and’ kind of thing…

Next up was this really moving piece on Patrick Stewart [aka Professor X from the X-Men movies,  Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek etc] speaking about abuse and the encounter that happens with one of the women in the audience:

“After seeing Patrick talk so personally about it I finally was able to correctly call it abuse,” she writes. “I didn’t feel guilty or disgusting anymore. I finally didn’t feel responsible for the abuse that was put upon me.”

You can read the article and view the encounter here.

And then lastly, and with a totally different flavour comes this fun piece I found where an air steward, tired of running through the mandatory safety instructions decided to treat his flight to a rapped version and created quite a vibe, well worth a listen.

You can check that out here. 

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