The Weekly Mash [ and Peace! ] is a secondary blog i have decided to run that will contain more regular type posts so that you know what to expect when:

How YOU doin?

Monday = Funday – will start off the week looking for a fun story, image or video clip to share to hopefully help people start their week with a healthy dose of joy, a bit of a smile and the possibility of some milk [or other relative morning liquid supplement] gushing through their noses…

Tuesday = News Day – i will look at some topic making local or international news and give my commentary or take or reaction to it.

Wednesday = Wed day – i will focus on an aspect of relationship from singleness to dating to marriage – i have a huge heart for relationships and seeing people be in a great space of contentment wherever they may be on the continuum – making the most of where you’re at and finding ways of celebrating and thriving or stepping things up a little.

Thursday = Thirsty – this will be an aspect of spiritual enrichment or challenge – whether it is postings of the Psalmthing blogs i am currently scribing or Gospel of Mark video clips i have been making or else just an aspect of following Jesus in terms of loving God, loving people and being personally involved in some aspect of actively loving the ‘least of these’ i will be looking to encouraging or challenging people in their relationship with God and the world.

Friday = My Day – absolutely anything goes on this day as i will share something that is on my mind in any shape, way or form!

i will still be using Irresistibly Fish as my main blog but this will be a way for people who follow my blog to be able to choose what they want to keep in touch with…

hope you enjoy the ride…

love brett fish


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