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This is a story from a while ago that caught my attention.

‘Make a city beautiful, curb corruption. Edi Rama took this deceptively simple path as mayor of Tirana, Albania, where he instilled pride in his citizens by transforming public spaces with colorful designs. With projects that put the people first, Rama decreased crime — and showed his citizens they could have faith in their leaders.’ 

If you have time to check out the TED talk that introduced me to him, check it out.

But if not, then simply read the article which talks about how this Albanian mayor brings art to politics. The colours on the buildings may not look so amazing in themselves [to me, anyways] but it’s when you see the new building held against the picture of the old one that you see just what a difference it makes and then when you hear/read the story you get an idea of how transformative this is.  Have a read.

‘Edi Rama has been in politics since the start of the 21st century, but before that he was a painter. It was this deep affinity for light and color that informed Rama’s time as mayor of Tirana, when he literally painted the town … every color. Rama is best known for the removal of government kiosks all over the city, thus cutting down on endemic bribery, and for the establishment of a modern new reception hall for citizens with paperwork requests. Rama’s administration also demolished thousands of illegal buildings, removed hundreds of thousands of tons of concrete from riverbanks, and planted thousands of trees and bushes all over the city. Rama continues to serve as a leader of the Socialist Party of Albania.’

He asked me for a compromise. I said, ‘No. Compromise in colour is grey. And we have enough grey to last for a lifetime.’ Edi Rama


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So today’s story is this inspirational one about a marathon running mom who, when she saw, her husband’s bicycle being taken out of the garage decided, ‘Not today mister!’ and took off after the thief.

‘Sarah Tatterson, 37, of West Seattle, Wash., is an accomplished runner, who has completed a dozen half-marathons in her lifetime. So earlier this month when she noticed a stranger walking up her driveway, entering her garage and making a quick exit with her husband’s bicycle, her running instincts immediately kicked in.’


Maybe the best part of this story [if there’s a better part than 37 year old marathon mom chasing 40 to 50 year old man on bicycle down the road] is that Sarah had just finished her Master’s degree in counselling and decided to put it to good use as she chased him:

“I was trying to get him to talk to me, and he wasn’t wanting to talk about his feelings,” she said. “The options were letting him go, or him going to jail. The full meaning of justice is that he’d be rehabilitated. I don’t know who he is, but I hope he gets the help he needs.”

You can read the rest of this inspirational and fun story on the ABC News site over here.

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So for this Tuesday I thought let’s do something a little bit different. The Beautiful Val [tbV] passed this link on to me and I just absolutely love this kind of stuff. Street art incorporating vandalism or brokenness or set structures into brilliant new creations. This is some kind of special gift and I really think you will enjoy most of these a lot. And it’s me so I had to use ‘Pooping Houses’ as the one I chose [“I didn’t like the others. They were all too flat.”]

So take a look at the rest of these here and if you have a link [because I would really love especially the Tuesday posts to be much more interactive as we share inspiring stories with each other] to a similar piece of street art that made you laugh or cry or sigh wistfully or just be completely amazed, then please leave it in the comments section. Thank you.

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A number of stories from the news caught my eye this week and so maybe there is one here that will catch yours as well.

First up there was an interesting article on Stephen King and his relationship with faith, God and intelligent design. 

That was quite an interesting one for me, especially cos a number of years ago I remember watching a video clip where he spoke about his writing and how sometimes he would sit at the keyboard and the spirit would take over and the writing process would begin or something to that effect. So not sure if it’s an interesting shift or a ‘both, and’ kind of thing…

Next up was this really moving piece on Patrick Stewart [aka Professor X from the X-Men movies,  Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek etc] speaking about abuse and the encounter that happens with one of the women in the audience:

“After seeing Patrick talk so personally about it I finally was able to correctly call it abuse,” she writes. “I didn’t feel guilty or disgusting anymore. I finally didn’t feel responsible for the abuse that was put upon me.”

You can read the article and view the encounter here.

And then lastly, and with a totally different flavour comes this fun piece I found where an air steward, tired of running through the mandatory safety instructions decided to treat his flight to a rapped version and created quite a vibe, well worth a listen.

You can check that out here. 

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This is the second news post from today but it was too good to make you wait a whole week for. This is some school high jumping taking place in Kenya. And answers the question, what do you do when you can’t afford to buy a mat? Land on your feet of course:

As well as this story of how a mosque in the Uk avoided a major conflict by inviting the protesters in for tea, biscuits and a game of football.

So many positive uplifting stories happening around the globe. Do you have one to share?

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boston marathon finish line

The Boston Marathon bombing that happened on April 15th this year [ironically on Patriot’s Day] was a senseless tragedy, but I remember reading one line that really inspired me. It was along the lines of how marathon runners are the worst people to attack in an attempt to disrupt spirit as they are the epitome of people with spirit, pushing their bodies often to breaking point for the sake of crossing a distance they could have much more easily driven by car.

So when I saw this week’s story online, it did not come as much of a surprise but it was still completely inspiring and hopefully a symbol of hope for many people who might otherwise be living in fear.

Basically on Sunday, May 25th, thousands of runners and bombing victims took to the streets to run the last mile of the Boston Marathon, including many who had not been able to complete it on the day of the race and many who just joined in simply to support the cause.

One of those people was Rosy Spraker who had received her medal in the mail, despite not finishing the race, but said that before Sunday she had not felt able to wear it yet:

‘”Now I feel like I’ve earned my medal,” Spraker said, beaming, after she crossed the Boylston Street finish line, encouraged by a cheering crowd. “I wanted to run for the victims, for freedom, to show the world that nothing is going to stop us.”

“Somebody that thinks that they’re going to stop a marathoner from running doesn’t understand the mentality of a marathoner,” said her husband, Lesley, after he placed the medal around Spraker’s neck.’

You can read the rest of this inspiring news article here.

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Is it a bird… is it a plane… No, it’s a couple of cousins, an airport stair lift car, a strange grown up little boy with a hook for a hand… and Jack Bauer!

So this may not be quite the caliber of news that I usually draw attention and give some comment to on a Tuesday but these two pieces of media made me quite happy and so I thought I would share. Both relate to a very specific audience and both definitely have their detractors. There is probably quite a range of Love vs. Love to hate and that’s okay.

But this week the news came out that Keifer Sutherland is going to be reprising his role as Jack Bauer in the genre-breaking action series 24, this time with the tagline ‘Live Another Day’ and I could not be more excited. Yes, series 1 was the best ever and it never fully regained the quality and brilliance although it did come close at times, but ah man, I just loved it. Forgave it all its over the top ridiculousness at times and just sat on the edge of my seat in session of 4, 5, and 9 episodes at a time as each new cliffhanger would inevitably bring out the necessary, “Just one more!” Jack is back!


And even more as equally exciting is the news which has been going around for a while of a new Arrested Development series, but this time with an accompanying trailer and if you have never watched AD then I would recommend skipping the trailer [and finding AD series 1 to 3 and catching up and then watching the trailer] as you won’t get it, but if you have watched and are a fan then elements of this will blow you away, notably the last line where Michael Bluth [Jason Bateman] is speaking to a car hire guy who says to him: “Now with this car you might get some stares.” To which Michael, without missing a beat, obviously casually replies, “I’m used to a car with some stairs.” So check it out.  Worth going out and getting a Netflix account just for that, unless like us you already have one.


So without bashing the one you don’t like [unless you feel really really strongly about it and then go for it!] which bit of news excites you more and what is one of your favourite elements from either show? Could it be this or maybe this, or of course if you’re a true die-hard there would be no surprises if it was this?

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