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‘”Complaining about the smell of bacon is like complaining that it’s a nice day out,” a Bacon Bacon supported wrote on the restaurant’s Facebook page.’


What an amazing line to introduce this week’s local and international news stories that caught my eye [would love to hear if there were any fascinating, bizarre, touching or interesting ones that grabbed your attention?]. In particular order, these are some of the happenings that got me interested enough to go and read them:

Before I was even aware there was a restaurant called ‘Bacon Bacon’ who ‘prepare drinks, meals, and ice cream using bacon’ in San Francisco, they had closed down [because of the bacon smell among other things]:

You can read the full story here.

The good folks at SNL managed to jump on to this one right away with poise…


Meanwhile this story playing out halfway across the world, in Shangai, got my attention for it’s creativity and charm, plus the message it sends out to remind people to look after our planet:

Watch a clip about this amazing initiative here.

And then lastly, it was the reverse persecution slant again as this poor 6 year old child was denied singing a song at his school’s talent show, due to the offensiveness of the song, being a worship song to God and all [Brenton Brown’s ‘Our God is Mercy’] Not so much the fact simply that it was a religious song as originally stated it seems with the parents claiming, “The fact that the school allows students to sing Jewish songs and Kwanza songs during holiday celebrations, but refuses to allow this Christian song during the talent show may be a violation of equal protection under the law.”

Silly child probably should have stuck to something safer and drug or violence riddled:

And you can read that one here.

So that’s it for the news this week – any thoughts or reactions to any of those stories? And what ‘out there’ stories have caught your eye this week?

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