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With today being the day to focus on relationships, I think i must add a link to my Irresistibly Fish blog where yesterday I posted something called ‘How much sex in marriage?’ in response to a question i received in the comments of a different post. I was blown away by how popular it was and some excellent commentary was added in the comments section afterwards by various people. So if you missed that definitely give it a look.

Make a friend

You may have seen this one already, but if you haven’t, then I encourage you to make the time to watch it. With the kind of news doing the rounds these days, this is inspiring stuff. And yes, it got me close to tears [seems to be a lot of that these days, I’m totally good with that]

The basic premise is that there is a ball pit [yup, just a box filled with plastic balls] next to a sign that says, ‘Take a Seat & Make a friend.’
That’s it. No hidden agenda or aim. Just balls with questions/statements on them that help to stimulate conversation.

Questions or statements like, ‘Name one thing on your bucket list?’, ‘What is one thing you have in common?’, ‘Describe the first time you fell in love’, and ‘Talk about someone who inspires you.’

Take a look.

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