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in the name of love

I mean, that’s it really. And you know… Well something inside you knows. Many of you probably wouldn’t say it out loud without covering it up with a bunch of weak lame-assed excuses and justifications. Some of you will keep quiet, because admitting the extent of the problem will be like announcing an addiction. [Which again for some of you this is].

When Val and I were residents at the Simple Way for the 19 months preceding this adventure, we had an 8am prayer meeting from Monday to Friday and then if there were visitors, I got to speak to them til 9am or beyond which was the start of official work time until 5pm. We had some activity every night of the week [which included ‘Date Night’ which we had to schedule in as an actual item on our timetables so that it would happen at all just because of the nature of the busyness]. And then the idea was that sometime outside of that we were meant to connect to the neighbors and community around us [which usually meant the weekend or in the slight gap between work and evening activity]. It was a great experience but over-the-top busy and so manageable for a 19 month stint but hardly sustainable long term.

Now we are in Oakland, California working with a different non-profit called Common Change in a 30 hour work week with no access to a car and so we rely on bicycles and walking and buses and trains and so life has slowed down a lot.

And it’s great.

But back to the picture at the top. I don’t want to say much more about this or I’ll be adding to your busy. Just that you don’t have to accept it as the way things have to be. Be intentional about slowing down. About creating spaces and times to stop. And just be. To choose to walk instead of drive. To take a book to a coffee shop. To blow the dust off your Bible. To call a friend you haven’t hung out with for a while. To really spend solid time with your family.

Stop the glorification of busy. Kick the feet out from under that idol. Be real with yourself about your addiction. Just stop.

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