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Again, this week’s clip is one which has been doing the rounds and so a lot of you will have seen it – what is important to take in with this clip though is the heart behind the serious message it contains. So yes, really funny, but also really not. Hopefully the encouragement for us all to think a little harder about our interactions with others and how we sometimes need to be a little or a lot more sensitive. Here is ‘What kind of asian are you?’

[I would love to hear if anyone had any epiphany moments while watching, or just comments or thoughts in general]

For those who already have seen that one, here is a little bonus clip from the geniuses [geniusi?] who gave us           the ‘I shipped my pants’ advert:


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Oh wow, so I don’t know if this would be classified as funny per say but definitely fun. This is one of the funnest things I have seen lately. What starts out as a kind of candid camera ‘The news guy above the petrol/gas pump is speaking to me’ gag develops into full-on kareoke as this game dude, and eventually his wife, dive in completely and just vibe a vibe.

Oh and wow, I just found this and I had to share as a bonus, with Mother’s Day having just passed – Mr T gives us some heartfelt advice and look out for those shorts [file this whole clip under “Too much”:


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This should start your week off with a smile…

And I guess the less said with this one the better, excepting to ask the question of whether there was someone in the chain of command who only saw this as an innocent ad?

Although the next question to ask would be if you remembered the name of the store that this ad is for, because, after watching it the first time, that was not what was on my mind…

Which begs the question – good ad or bad ad?

What do you think?

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Friday = My Day – absolutely anything goes on this day as I will share something that is on my mind in any shape, way or form:

I caught this short video clip on You Tube today that someone had posted – starts off fun and clever and gets uncomfortably hectic pretty quickly and the end has a moment of just plain weird, but you should check it out:

It is clever, satirical and might make you squirm a little bit… or a lot, depending on who you are.

Later I saw and posted this picture:

A nose for a nose...

Which is a horrible picture! A large part of me really didn’t want to post it. But it definitely gets its point across. Very graphically.

I do love the world we are in and believe that part of our deal with God was that we look after it well, but I am not someone who generally gets extreme about this kind of stuff. I’m more of a do-your-little-bit-and-hope-for-change kind of person. I think partly the mess we have made of the world is so overwhelming that it is easier to bury your head under the ground like an ostrich [which incidentally, I read the other day has never been recorded as actually having ever happened, interesting the beliefs we believe. Or was that one the lie?] and just avoid thinking about it or looking at it at all.

I wish I knew what the answers were. I don’t believe [at the moment] that the absolute answer is for everyone to go vegan or even vegetarian. I am okay with eating meat. I am less okay with a lot of the stuff they do to the animals that turn them into the kind of meat that arrives for us to eat. So I do think we need to be doing something. And more somethings as we figure them out. So recycling feels like a starting point. As does going free range [or somewhat free range]. Fair trade is another option [and I’ll blog about trying to be/d all these things at once sometime soon as well cos that gets complicated too!] Having a decent idea where your clothes come from. And starting to engage with some of the conversations on the internet.

I think we have to be careful about heading to the opposite extreme [the guns-blazing one] – I don’t think people who kill rhinos should be killed. But I do think they should be stopped from killing rhinos. And perhaps educated and trained in the redemptive kind of way that sees them involved in future activity that encourages the growth of rhino populations.

Any ideas about good places to begin this journey for anyone who might be interested?

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