When it comes to Thursday, I take a look at some aspect of God or following Jesus as Thursday = Thirsty. A way for us to grow in our Faith, Love and Grace. Usually with a challenge or call to something I imagine:

Episode 12: A definitive guide to insulting the Creator of the Universe.

Episode 11: The Same Question.

Episode 10: When You’re Weary.

Episode 9: John Piper and the Three Little Pigs

Episode 8: The Bible according to me… and maybe you?

Episode 7: Blessed are they who Forgive

Episode 6: A Most Powerful Message

Episode 5: The Awakening of Faith.

Episode 4: How’s your Heart?

Episode 3: Yes, it’s an unavoidable Truth that Loving God means Loving Them.

Episode 2: The idea and importance of Asking and Imagining Bigger.

Episode 1: A simple cartoon but a powerful message on Why it’s called Good Friday.


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