Wednesdays are the day on which I take a look at some aspect of Relationships as Wednesday = Wed Day. So from singles to dating to married to friends and enemies or even family, today’s post focuses on some aspect of relationship, looking to see if we can make them deeper and richer in a variety of different ways:

Episode 13: From ‘I do’ to ‘We do’ 

Episode 12: The Search for MEDS [Married, Engaged, Dating, Singles] – some incredible articles for the different contexts you might be in.

Episode 11: It’s not about the Nail.

Episode 10: Slow and Insane and Quick and True.

Episode 9: Absurd in the Hand is Worth?

Episode 8: A post on Friendship titled Make Them shut the Door

Episode 7: A very powerful look at the idea of Together vs Not Together. How does your family and do your relationships look?

Episode 6: There should be a “Sorry” in there somewhere. And ostriches. And Johnny Depp.

Episode 5: A great adventure and the discovery of connection and friendship as strangers climb into a pit of plastic balls together.

Episode 4: Your Relationship with You via the video of the police sketch artist in the Dove commercial.

Episode 3: The idea and importance of Loving the other person when you don’t necessarily feel like it very much.

Episode 2: This looks at the person in the mirror in terms of being the right person to date as opposed to discovering them.

Episode 1: The importance of fat [in the sense of thick-skinned, able to take constructive criticism] friends.

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