Friday is simply My Day. The opportunity for me to write about absolutely anything I choose to. This could get fun or silly or challenging or introspective… just depends where I am at the particular moment of writing. In. My. Mind. [With a nod to Eddie Izzard]:

Episode 13: The Route of all Evil [and it’s NOT money!]

Episode 12: Everything happens for a reason?

Episode 11: Well maybe I should jump off that bridge!

Episode 10: Presence vs Presents

Episode 9: Get your fax straight.

Episode 8: Passing it Forward

Episode 7: Parkinson’s Law of fitting things into the time you have. And the possibility of a new work focus shifted society.

Episode 6: Blessed are the Matrix-filled.

Episode 5: Stopping the Glorification of Busy.

Episode 4: Blessed are the Geeks. On labelling.

Episode 3: When the Busy Fades. [And Sometimes you are the only one who can make it]

Episode 2: A very unlike me but necessary feeling hectic post called A Nose For A Horn

Episode 1: Coffee With Jesus and a look at what Easter means to me.


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