The idea behind Tuesdays is that Tuesday = News Day. So sharing and possibly reporting on or giving some thoughts or reaction I have to something that has been in the recent news, with bias given towards stories of Good News [which we don’t get enough of] or those stories which touched me or affected me in a particular way. Or perhaps just something a trifle bizarre that might have occurred in the news on the bigger or smaller stage. My hope is that you will add a link to a particular story that stood out for you. Sharing the news and our views on it:

Episode 14: Paint the town red [and blue and green…]

Episode 13: Hey dude, where’s my [husband’s] bike?

Episode 12: Of street art fun and inspiration

Episode 11: Stephen King, Patrick Stewart and an air steward walk inspiringly into a bar.

Episode 10b: Bonus Episode: Super inspiring Kenyan high jumpers and a mosque solving conflict with tea, biscuits and soccer.

Episode 10: Why terrorists should never target marathon runners.

Episode 9: Bacon, Tree-street painting and being allowed to sing about God when you’re six!

Episode 8: Coming soon – it’s Arrest2d Developm4nt

Episode 7: A combination of burials, cicadas & the no no of pointing heavenwards.

Episode 6: A completely feel-good story of a athlete trading in his hammer for a stranger’s life.

Episode 5: Taking a look at the Boston Bombing that happened after the marathon, with a focus on Context and Condolensces

Episode 4: A look at some of the [largely sad] reaction to the death of the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher

Episode 3: We learnt some stuff from Will Smith and Ben Affleck, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Jennifer Garner on how to and not do marriage.

Episode 2: A number of things about the new pope were really making me excited as witnessed in Pope on a Rope.

Episode 1: When normal becomes extraordinary [Story of the broken cheeseburger]


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