Right, so the idea of the Monday posts is that Monday = Funday. Too many people seem to have adopted Garfield’s “I hate Mondays” policy with the effect that if you start Monday on a bad note, there is a huge chance you will continue that in to the rest of the week. So the aim of my Monday post is to try and help you start the week with a smile or a bit of a giggle, a full on laugh or the highest peak of snorting-chocolate-milk-through-your-nose [regular milk will do as well, but not quite as classy] – not all humour is for everyone but my hope is that if this week misses you, hopefully next week’s won’t so please enjoy and the ones you really like, feel free to pass on and share and let’s get people starting their weeks with a smile on their faces.

Episode 14: Music to move you [far, far, away from the source]

Episode 13: Buried alive in a box.

Episode 12: Choose your own MADventure.

Episode 11: Blend out poverty once and for all.

Episode 10: Whose Asian it is anyway? and other culturally sensitive conversations.

Episode 9: Forrest Gump comes face to face with Captain Jack Sparrow while an eggs falls from…

Episode 8: Petrol Pump Kareoke vibes [and a friendly warning message from Mr T]

Episode 7: It’s about being as safe as butter and as ironical as… Oh?!

Episode 6: She makes them talk and he doesn’t talk at all – it’s ventriloquist Nina Conti and The Boy With Tape on his Face

Episode 5: It’s finally here and everyone is excited about Shipping their Pants.

Episode 4: The Eating Habits of the Wild as depicted by Humans [with elements of corpsing which was my favourite part]

Episode 3 is a picture that doesn’t fail to make me smile, giggle, and laugh out loud. I present, ‘Cloud Man.’

Episode 2: The importance of clarifying each necessary specific in the family trust fall activity.

Episode 1: Tribute to Gary Larsen, with ‘It’s a Spider, man.’

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